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Dzwigopol Prim Sp. z o.o. 

projektowanie suwnic, ¿urawi etc.Multiple Firm Dzwigopol Prim Sp. z.o.o was founded in 1992 year. The firm took the most experienced people with Lodz Plants Repair-Assembly and Design Office. The best specialists work for us. Since 15 years we offered our clients the best machines, this machines implement the most rigorously standards. Our machines content the most demanding people.

What we do:

We produced, modernized and certificated cranes- gantry, jib cranes, hoists, traverses, slings and other mechanism. We designed and created steely carrying constructions, palisades and track-ways. We offer modern power systems and crane controls and also specialistics traverses and slings. We have experience also in design and create scenic mechanisms.


Our firm has own project office which are created machine by the best engineers. Each new project is an indywidual thing. The machine for You will be designed with compliance Yours requirements, work characteric and montague place.

 produkcja suwnic, ¿urawi etc.Production

Dzwigopol Prim Firm avail oneself of a modern engine park and experiences workers. We build constructions welded with basal steel, non basal steel, low basal steel with high strenght, acid proof and rust-proof steel. Each new machine before first use must be tested in our laboratory.


Our specialistes install at You order machine, tested it and provide technical receipt. Our specialistes istruct Yours workers to correctly and safety services this machines.


remonty i modernizacja suwnicWe offer conservation all our machine. Our specialistes periodically and in estabilished dates check state and if it  need be remove all damages.

Repairs and modernizations

We offere service all our  machines. We do also all things which are connected with impovement, modernization and adaptation to new needs or new job place. Of course the machine musn’t  be manufactured by Dzwigopol Prim firm’s.



Our products implemets the most respectible safety and reliability standards, so we have conformity certificates UDT and SEP. The conformity certyficate concerns build, montage and modernization of cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes and also hoists. We have conformity certyficates to all type cranes.

We have conformity certyficates: UDT, SEP. The machines which are manufactured by our firm have CE certificate allways.

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