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Cranes it’s a big groupe which are  compsed of ligth gantry cranes and big overhead travelling cranes which can hoist lot of metric ton. 

Types of cranes 

suwnice pomostoweOverhead travelling crane. Also known as a "suspended crane", this type of crane works in the same way as a gantry crane but without uprights. The hoist is on a trolley which moves in one direction along one or two beams, which move at right angles to that direction along elevated tracks, often mounted along the side walls of an assembly area in a factory. Some of them can lift very heavy loads.






suwnice podwieszaneA gantry crane. has a hoist in a trolley which runs horizontally along gantry rails, usually fitted underneath a beam spanning between uprights which themselves have wheels so that the whole crane can move at right angles to the direction of the gantry rails. These cranes come in all sizes, and some can move very heavy loads, particularly the extremely large examples used in shipyards or industrial installations . A special version is the container crane (or "Portainer" crane, named after the first manufacturer), designed for loading and unloading ship-borne containers at a port.



wciągarki bramoweUnderslung crane. They are fastened to the floor of hall. Unnecessary is positive issued a certificate for designer. Often this solution can’t be used is older building becouse the hall hasn’t strong floor. Crane runway consists of two rolled parallel "I" shape profiles, which are fixed by steel structure to the ceiling girders. Crane girder is underslung on two hand-operated travelling trucks and it travels in perpendicular direction from conveyer. Cross girder with electric chain hoist and two supporting hooks is underslung on a couple of manually travelling trucks on crane girder. Pulley block travel is performed by manual draw for the gripping appliance. Pulley block lift is controlled by push button panel, suspended on pulley block.




suwnice wspornikoweWall travelling jib cranes. In the wall traveling jib crane here girder has shape of bracket. The floor shoud be strong so often this solution can’t be used in older hall.

Wall traveling jib cranes can travel on their own track under overhead bridge cranes.

Wall traveling jibs allow the operation to transport materials on two levels simultaneously and independently. When used as workstation cranes, several stations can use them.



Control cranes

sterowanie radiowe suwnicCable control is the most simply solution. This solution is perfectly in cranes with small work range. The cable control can’t be used when is probebly that the hanging cables will be cut off.

Radio remote control is ideal solution becouse is safety and confortable. They havn’t defectes such as cable control.  Machine operator has full freedom of movement. Radio controllers are supplied of batteries. Thanks for this solution the  work will be more productivity. More informations…



Supply of cranes 

szynoprzewodyTrolley feeding. Quality is a small cost but it’s suggested solution not always. The trolley ducts are cheched well in short or high underslung girder. It’s indicate that the duck hangs over the draft transport.

Busway feeding is a modern solution which eliminated problem of  hanging under the crane ducks. Instead of traditional ducts we used a special profile which have vascular bundle. For vascular bundle moves truck which supplying gets back. This solution is simply, forcefull, without breakdown, expensive than traditional a few, but esthetic and safety. More informations…



Cranes modernizations

remonty suwnicWe offer to modernize and repair all type cranes. We change spam and hoisty capacity, we modernize system of feeding and control. We adapt the crane to new work places.

Of course we  modernize not only machines which are manufactured by our firm. If You have a crane and You need help write to us.

Thanks for us the crane has more functional, they consume a few energie. The modernized crane would need to withstand a severely dusty environment and would need to interface with the plant’s internal radio-controlled network






Conservations, reparations, guarantee services


We offer full services. In order to decrease cost reparations such elementes as pin or road wheel we regenerate for surfacing by welding.

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