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supply of crane systems


Supply of crane systems

Manner of supplying is very imortant, dependes on it safety and comfort of attendance. Very important is that the system select for the machine and place where the machine will be stay. You can’t save on the safety. Economize on this stage can be damages cause and financialls lost which are connected with shutdown machines. Our solution it’s an earnest safety and surreness.

Busway feeding

zasilanie szynoprzewodemBusway feeding it’s the most often use a systems which are supplied the machines. In this systems here the special cooper vascular bundle are lain down on a special profile. On the vascular bundle drives a truck (receiver, current collector) with carbon brushes. The truck gets in current with busway and deliveres to engine crane. Our busways implement highest safety standards so they are chosen the most  often the systems of supplyig current to cranes.

Qualities feeding busway:

● you can use it in building and outside

● high resistant on the changing weather conditions

● exploitation without attndance

● elimination conduits which hang under the crane

● elastic insurance gap, thanks for it the machines could work in high moisture and high dustiness conditions

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Trolley feeding

zasilanie karniszoweTrolley feeding it’s the method where the power lead is underslung on the truck. The truck drives on the trolley profile.

Qualities feeding trolley:

● very low cost

Defectes feeding trolley:

● power lead hangs under the crane and impedes comunication




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