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Radio remote controls

sterowanie radioweWireless crane control it’s  the most popular solution now. This control is simply, safety and it guarantess comfortable attendance. It facilitates work during the transport of elementes: 

● with big gabarits

● with big weight

● dangerous (for example with sharp edges)

● in dangerous and hard available places

● at big coverage of crane work

● at big crane or jib crane gabarits

Wiraless control system of crane assures better sight. The person who serves the machine can see danger and avoid it faster. He can also maneuver load proficiently.

All wireless controllers are adapted to capabilities and claims of machines. There is excepy possible steering too:

● programing of code of access, which indenmifiens machines before start-up of machine by unauthoriezed persons

● employment time-lag switch of transmitter and receiver

● signaling of work of transmitter diode LED 

The most often solutions it: steering behind assistance of wireless cassettes and alienable consoles.

Wireless cassettes

kaseta bezprzewodowa● with one-gradual and/or two-gradual keyes

● with safety cut-out switch

● with rotary breaker switch and with sound signal

● resistant on radio disturbances

● resistant on impacts and decays

● with system of saving energy

● in array with completes of rechargeable batteries and with loader

Push the button starts up electric drive. Depending on type of construction it can be: bringing up the load, travelling hoist, travelling girder and turning outrigger crane jib. You can program ever function which is required by machine.

Wireless control desk:

sterowanie pulpitem bezprzewodowym● with a manipulator type “joystick”

● with rotary switch

● with safety cut-out switch

● with rotary cut out swich

● with system of saving energy

● resistant on impacts and decays

● resistant on radio disturbances

● in array with completes of rechargeable batteries and with loader

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