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Traverses and lifting slings

trawersy do paletTraverses with wire rope or chain lifting slings they allow bringing up elementes with composite and hard for transport construction.

● ideal for transport of load such as: big-bag, europallete

● they facilitate work and they shorten time for mounting load under the crane

● they provide higest safety of transport

● they assure greatest stability of transported load

● traverses for pallete, europallete (pallete type EUR), sucks, spokes and other

● lifting slings for cranes, jib cranes, rope lifting slings, chain lifting slings, vacuum lifting slings

We make traverses for typicall solutions (such as big-bag and europallete), but we also design individual traverses which are fited to special requiremetes our questes.


trawersy do worków BIG-BAG

trawersa widłowa 









trawersy do szpultrawersa do palet















trawersytrawersy podci¶nieniowe

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