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        Welcome to the Dľwigopol Prim’s webpage      


We invite for fact-finding with offers of our firm and suggested with us crane. For Yours comfort reference on the most request solution You can find under. Remaining mechanisms and also technics detailes you find on the menu in right side.


strona w jÍzyku polskim

Please remember that the machines which are presenteted by us it’s only a typical examples. If You are interested in our machine please contact- after researching Yours needs we proposed the best solution.




     · gantry cranes, bridge cranes, overhead travelling cranes

     · special cranes, underslung cranes

     · with radio remote controls and cordless controls

     · busway feeding or trolley wire

     · with feeding PLC

     · constructions for low building


jib cranesJib cranes

     · stationary jib cranes, wall and collumn cantilevers

     · with radio remote controls and cordless controls

     · stationary jib cranes, jib cranes for low building

     · choin hoists, wire rope hoists

     · electric and manual feeding

     · we produced also whip-cranes


light gantry cranes

Light gantry cranes

      · light, circular gantry cranes

     · used to transport and heft

     · mobile gantry crane

     · hoists manuall or electric, wire rope and chain hoists

     · with radio remote controls or wire controls

     · cranes cooperative with vacuum handling systems



hydraulic lifts and platforms

Hydraulic lifts with platforms 

     · assembly in trans-shipmently docks

     · tables on changing level

     · used to automatic cycle

     · with radio remote controls or wire control

     · screens protectives

     · scissors jacks

traverses and lifting slings

Traverses and lifting slings 

     · for all type of cranes

     · for indyvidual solutions such as big-bag or palletes

     · for elementes with composite construction

     · for elementes which are hard in transport

     · traverses with varible geometrics

     · wire rope, choin and webbing slings,

vacuum handling systems

Vacuum handling systems 

     · the type lifting 20-2000kg

     · on order we sale machines with more lifting

     · bringing up with turn in vertical and horizontal position

     · cheap exploatation and simply attendance

     · vacuum lifting devices

     · vacuum tube lifte

radio remote controls

Radio remote controls 

     · for cranes, jib cranes, platforms and others

     · adaptation to indywidual client neccesities

     · with big couverage transmitter-collector

     · resistant on disturbaces

     · resistant on strokes and falls and others

     · in suit there is also loader and batteries 

repairs, modernizations and expertisesRepairs and modernizations 

     · repairs and modernizations cranes, jib cranes, traverses

     · repairs and modernizations hoists and electrohoists

     · renovation cranes, jib cranes, hoists

     · conservation all machines

     · conformity certyfication all type of cranes and lifts

     · conservation subgrades

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